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Year 2 Scientific Minds

Welcome to the Year 2 adventure that is new classrooms, new friends and the countdown and expectation of new Year 2 Headquarters. 


We have had a fantastic start to the year; and we are having a brilliant, scientific time exploring Living Things in our Science curriculum.


We have watched, observed and documented the changes that we find in life cycles of several different animals, and can plot a timeline of their metamorphosis!


It has been incredibly interesting to watch our very own mealworms grow and change. These wriggly worms have intrigued us as they have grown, and changed colour and formation on their way to becoming …


We will have to wait and see!            


The kids have really enjoyed measuring and recording the journey from larva to pupa, and we cannot wait to see our first pupa change.


Check out some pics of our Year 2 scientists in action.


Mrs Penny Gabin and Mrs Allison Peña

Year 2 Teachers


Introducing: Mrs Evie Burry
Year 1 Past and Present