Year 2 Science Mealworms

Year 2 Scientists have been busy exploring our new Science topic - Watch it Grow!


This topic is all about investigating the life stories of people and animals, capturing student’s interest about the way living things grow.


We are excitedly observing some mealworms in our classrooms! The students are loving watching them grow and change. We are discussing the variables that might affect the growth of mealworms as we work in collaborative teams to conduct our investigations. We are exposing Year 2 to many opportunities to explore the growth of a range of living things through hands-on activities and investigations, looking at the life cycles under different conditions.


Some of our animal-loving students are completely immersed in the hands-on of holding mealworms, and others are adjusting to having a wriggly mealworm in their hands, but we are all having fun learning to think like scientists!


Penny Gabin, Joshua Kew and Sharaya Wildman

Year 2 Teachers


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