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Year 2 Science

Year 2 have enjoyed our Science unit this term called ‘All Mixed Up’. We have predicted, observed and learnt all about creating mixtures. These mixtures could be found in the kitchen, in a science lab or even in movies made by special effects people. We have mixed paint in art and created and named our own paint colours and even enjoyed a touch of chromatography by separating the colours in black ink. Our vocabulary has grown as we created non Newtonian fluids, looked at density towers and some students have even made mixtures at home to bring in to share with our classes.


Our favourite lesson so far has been the question of what happens when oil, water and detergent are mixed together? This is the life lesson we learnt:

  1. Some people are easy to mix with 

  2. You become who you hang around; be a good friend and change each other for the better 

  3. Some people you will not mix easily with ... but

  4. With the help of the Holy Spirit you can mix and bring out the God colours in everyone!


Penny  Gabin and Alison Peña

Year 2 Teachers


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