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Year 2 Open Day STEM activities

Year 2 loved opening up our classrooms to the community at Open Day last week! We had several STEM activities happening including designing and engineering a Roller Coaster for our marble run, Catapult Pom Poms and some Hot Air Rockets.


We all had to collaborate in our teams to complete each task, and what a blessing it was to have some parent and grandparent helpers to assist us.


Here are some highlights from our students' perspective:

  • The best thing about Open Day was I got to spend time with my mum in my classroom. - Olivia

  • What I loved most about Open day was going on stage to sing, dance, and lead the Chapel worship. - Grace

  • My favourite thing about Open Day was making a roller coaster and testing it. I loved that we were successful! - Luca

  • We got to make a marble run on Open Day. We also made rockets that flew! They were my favourite. - Coby

  • Today was so fun and exciting. We made a rocket ship and mine flew the furthest! - Lily

  • I liked the roller coasters. We struggled at first, but we didn’t give up and kept trying and we were able to complete it and it looked amazing! - Sophie

  • The best thing about Open Day was going to the iCentre and looking and buying a book from the Book Fair. - Latoya

  • I loved that we had so many new visitors to our school on Open Day. Everybody was included in the fun and got to see what a great day at PCS looks like. - Faith

  • Our mums and dads can come into the classroom. - Olive

  • When we got our sausage sizzle and a popper. - Archie and Liam

  • We loved the Open Day activities. - Anton and Emmanuel

  • When we made a marble run in class. - Ollie and Raphael

  • When we made a pom pom catapult. - Jacob, Asher and Ryan

  • My best thing was going to the Book Fair with my Mum. - Simeon

  • Going to Chapel and praising Jesus. - Elyse, Asha, Ivy and Ivy

  • Singing on stage with the Year 12s. - Sienna, Reagan

  • Building the roller coaster with our friends and Coco’s Mum. - Boston, Coco, Saige, Kaley and Lucas


Mrs Gabin and Mrs Pena

Year 2 Teachers


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