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Year 2 made some new friends from Japan

Ninety six (96) Japanese exchange students came to Australia and we were so blessed to have had them visit our classrooms last week. Year 2 had the pleasure of meeting 16 of these senior students from Japan.


We sang songs and did the actions together and everyone was filled with smiles and joy! Next we made some origami planes together and then we went outside to test fly them.


We then took our new friends on our outdoor maths activities, where we measured the length in centimetres and metres of multiple surfaces, including some challenging curved surfaces.


Finally, we shared a fun and loud game of “Scissors Paper Rock on a Giant Worm”. It was an intense competition, but the girls’ team won!


The truth was we were all winners, making new friends and sharing some extra special memories of a fabulous afternoon together! We learnt you did not need to understand another person’s language in order to have fun and communicate. We can communicate with our smiles, our songs, our actions and of course by the universal language of showing love to one another.


This has been one of our highlights of the year...


Who knows, maybe in a few years it will be our students going on exchange to make new friends in another country!


Mrs Penny Gabin

Year 2 Teacher


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