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Year 2 Learning About Water

Year 2 have been learning about ‘Water’ this term and how essential it is to life. Our unit has provided students an opportunity to develop an understanding of, and appreciation for, a precious natural resource. We had lots of investigations to find out about surface water, ground water, how our water is transported and how much we take for granted.


Here are some of the things we learnt:

  • When water hits the grass some of it soaks in. Raindrops are not the shape of tears. Water goes to the treatment plant so we don’t get sick. Elijah

  • Water is fragile and if you waste it, it will be gone forever. Nathan G
  • Water travels a lot and in some places they have to walk 1km to GET WATER! You can use water in so many ways like watering the garden and having a bath. Jessica
  • I can use water responsibly by using a timer for a certain amount of time and don’t keep taps running for a long time. Daniella
  • Raindops aren’t shaped like a tear, it is actually in the shape of a burger bun. Chris
  • I have learnt that water goes through a journey for us to drink. Noah F
  • You use water responsibly by not wasting it, like leaving taps on. Caleb
  • Raindrops are shaped like a burger. Water is made of two parts: hydrogen and oxygen. Reo
  • I have learnt about the Water Cycle; it goes like this. First, the water evaporates and then it goes into a cloud, then it rains and it all starts all over again. Emily
  • I can use water responsibly by trying not to put rubbish in the water. Jack
  • Water is used for many things; it is used for drinking and washing your body. Mita
  • The activities I enjoyed were pouring water on different surfaces, when we went on a water walk and when we saw the evaporation in our Water Cycle plastic bags. Alicia


In the Bible there are many mentions of water for washing, cleansing, new life and the fulfilment of God’s promises. John 7:38 ‘He who believes in me’, as the Scriptures said,’from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water’.


Praying God’s richest blessings over our families as we press in to know Him more.


Mrs Allison Peña and Mrs Penny Gabin

Year 2 Teachers


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