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Year 2 at Warragamba Dam

Year 2 had a fabulous day at Warragamba Dam last week. It was such a rich and engaging excursion where the children learnt all about our catchment area, and how they can care for water.


We got to drive across the dam wall, and we were able to walk along and under the dam, learning about its fascinating history. We loved the story of the long eels, and we so enjoyed spotting some kangaroos and even some wombats.


We invited all the families to join us for a picnic together, and we played a super fun game of stuck in ‘roo poo’, even the parents joined in too.


The weather was windy and our day was filled with wonder and excitement. The students were so well behaved and engaged, that it was an absolute privilege for the teachers to take them, they all represented Penrith Christian School so beautifully.


Our dam is at 51%, so we are all ready to do our part to save water during this drought season. We took the opportunity after the excursion to pray to God for our drought to end and the farmers to receive all the rain they need too. These Year 2 students are history makers and a delight to teach.


Penny Gabin and Allison Pena

Year 2 Teachers




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