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Year 2 at Warragamba Dam

What a great day we had recently on our excursion to Warragamba Dam!


A short bus trip away and we arrived and after having a quick recess, we got our first look at the Dam. It is huge and stunning!


We spent the morning with education officers learning all about how Warragamba Dam looks after and supplies all the water in Sydney, and some of the things we can do to help. We got to examine species of animals that live in the dam and even made our own catchment areas as part of our hands-on learning.


However, the best was yet to come... we got to drive the bus across the Dam! We were allowed to get out and see up close the incredible wall and get a sense of the absolute height of it. It is taller than being on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!


We had such a great day together and created so many memories as part of our Science unit on Water.


The students were all so well behaved and even the Warragamba staff commented on what a fantastic bunch of students we have at PCS.


We hope you enjoy a peek at our day at the Dam.


Mrs Gabin and Mrs Pena

Year 2 Teachers

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