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Year 2 - ‘All Mixed Up’

Year 2 has enjoyed our Science unit this term called ‘All Mixed Up’. We have predicted, observed and learnt all about creating mixtures.


These mixtures could be found in the kitchen, in a science lab, or even in movies; made by special effects people. We have mixed paint in Art, and created and named our own paint colours and even enjoyed a touch of chromatography by separating the colours in black ink.


Our vocabulary has grown as we created non Newtonian fluids and density towers. Our teachers also broke all the rules when they made lattes in class and drank them. Our only Science rule – don’t eat or drink in Science!


We have also been learning about our connections to the world in Geography and what factors affect why we travel to different places. This week we learnt about the seven continents and made the earth come alive. Amazing global citizens we have.


Mrs Penny Gabin and Mrs Allison Peña
Year 2 Teachers


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