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Year 11 Seminar Week

Seminar Week saw Year 11 embark on their journey of the Higher School Certificate. Students were involved in a range of activities during this time to help encourage, motivate, organise and persevere through their final years of schooling. Each day came with a new challenge for them to face, to guide their learning and to build their understanding of the career-orientated society we all eventually must face.


Program for the four days:

  • Tuesday - Hope Accelerated with Glen Gerreyn

  • Wednesday - Cultural day in the city

  • Thursday - Elevate Education workshops

  • Friday - Canyoning, abseiling and Zoo day


Tuesday was an exciting time with Glen Gerreyn, founder of the HopeFull Institute, who challenged the students to think outside of their square and to jump outside of their comfort zone. Students were then guided through an emotional check to see how they were travelling. This was followed by a team game for a relaxing finish to the day.


Wednesday took us into the City for a day of sightseeing, pondering, and new discovery. St Mary’s Cathedral was breathtaking with statues, cabinetry and stained glass windows which would have taken an immense amount of time to create. The art gallery was a popular time and then we relaxed in the Botanical Gardens with a view of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Thursday we learned different ways to guide us in our study and organisation habits through two workshops run by Elevate Education. Students were challenged with an engineering problem and they had to form groups and sell some unusual things through creative marketing techniques.


Friday was the highlight for many where some students travelled to the Blue Mountains to scale down a mountainside hanging from nothing but a rope. We then plunged into the waters; the highest recorded jump was a 5 metre free fall. Students who didn’t attend had an enjoyable day at the new Sydney Zoo.


A big thank you to all the students who attended the seminar week and a massive thank you to the teachers and staff who supported Year 11 over the four days from planning, organising and implementation of activities and workshops.


We look forward to nurturing Year 11 through their final years of schooling and encouraging them to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.


Jonathan Howe

Year 11 Wellbeing Mentor


Year 9 Urban Challenge
Introducing Jonathan Howe