Year 10 Science VALID Exam Results

Congratulations Year 10 Science Students!


Every year since 2016, PCS Year 10 students have sat the Science VALID exam. Most Year 10 students in the state sit for this examination and it covers science material from Years 9 and 10. Last year we obtained 66 Level 6 (the highest level) results. This year, Year 10 obtained 88 Level 6 results!

  • 20 Level 6 results for Knowledge and Understanding

  • 23 Level 6 results for Extended Responses

  • 27 Level 6 results for Planning, Designing and Conducting Investigations

  • 18 Level 6 results for Problem Solving and Communicating.


Overall, PCS Science students performed 24% above both State and Independent school averages for Level 6 results.


The following students obtained an overall Level 6 result: Sean Dunn, Amie Frith, Josiah Gee, Jessica Harrison, Benjamin Jenner, Kiahna Kraus, Samuel Lapin, Erin Lucas, Chloe Miller, Patrick Musico, Brock Ryan, Theodore Seliman, Max Watson, Elizabeth Weeks, Mark Westcott, Aedan Wood, Claire Auddino, Angus Mott, Taylor Russell, Ty Peksis, Aiden Scott, Harley Bounassif and Bishoy Hajjar.


Well done Year 10!


Denise Bailey

Head of Science

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