Year 10 Learning Projects

Year 10 have been very busy this term with their Service Learning, where they researched challenging issues, such as: homelessness, domestic violence, mental health, Aboriginal reconciliation, autism and lung disease. In teams they fundraised for their causes with stalls, selling food and products they had made. They created Blackout Poetry and documentaries, which were displayed on the last day.  We saw great passion emerging for the issues and hundreds of dollars being raised for each cause.


One group, looking at mental health in elderly people, collaborated with Year 2 students who wrote about and illustrated their favourite memories. These will now be shared with the residents of a nursing home in Springwood.  (photos Y10_DOCO)


This week they also participated in a wonderful program called Business Week, with Mrs Hogan and our HSIE teachers . They formed six teams, each team creating a product, then financing and marketing the product. It was great to meet the CEOs, and hear about the roles of each team member, and then to see their displays. They had to pitch their products to a Dragon’s Den, equivalent to a Shark Tank! What a wonderful end to a creative and innovative term where Year 10 were given the opportunity to shine in so many areas.


Year 6 Wellbeing Bushwalk
Prue Car MP Londonderry Christmas Card Competition