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Year 10 Human Wellbeing #changemakers

In Geography this term, Year 10 have been commissioned with the task of investigating and responding, in a practical way, to an aspect of life that has meaning to them and which impacts Human Wellbeing in our local community. This is the lead in to the Service Learning Documentary projects that students have been involved with over the past few years; however, this year the twist is that students are designing and running their own initiatives, allowing them to build their knowledge in Geography alongside practical development of competencies such as citizenship, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication. A key competency we are focusing on is Christian Character, and students have been challenged to consider how they can be a part of something greater than themselves, and act as hands and feet to bless those less fortunate in our community. 


This real-world learning is also a way for our PCS community to shine Jesus’ love beyond our doors.


Accordingly, there will be a range of student initiatives running from Wednesday 11 November to Thursday 19 November as students enact their proposed projects.  Some of these are awareness campaigns and others involve an aspect of fundraising, not dissimilar to the ‘stalls’ day from previous years. We would like you to view this as an invitation, rather than a requirement, to support and bless our wider community and ask that you, with your children, selectively contribute to these efforts as and how you are able.


We are excited by the plans the Year 10 group are already making and we are so proud of the manner with which they have contacted and interacted with a range of community groups and government agencies as they have sought to understand the human need of our community. 


Well done Year 10. We thank you in anticipation of any support you can give to these students and their worthy initiatives.


Sharon Hogan

Head of HSIE

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