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Year 10 Community Projects

Over the past three weeks Year 10 students have been working hard on a project to make the world a better place, forming teams based on problems which affect our community. This year the projects they chose included Domestic Violence, Children’s Cancer, Depression and Suicide, Gangs and Violence, Gangs and Drugs, Animal Welfare, Hate Groups, Human Trafficking and Refugees.


Students researched statistics and scientific links, learnt how to write and conduct an interview, learnt how to make a documentary, did community service, created artworks and came up with words of hope and solutions. They did voice overs, edited and connected with the community. The Refugee group even created a permanent mural on a brick wall at school. I could not be prouder of them for taking on an adult challenge, in an adult world.


Their documentaries were presented on the last Friday of term to the school community. Well done Year 10, you are ready for the HSC!


Mrs Lyn Jagger

Head of Senior School



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