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Year 1 Writing and Science

Year 1 have been busily writing Procedures in class. The students watched how to make jelly and then wrote a Procedure on it.  They particularly enjoyed the tasting at the end of the day. We also read about how to do leaf rubbings and enjoyed making coin rubbings too.


The students have enjoyed our Science topic ‘Spot the difference.’ They have been learning about the changes that take place with items when they are heated or cooled. We also have been exploring how materials can be manipulated.


So far this term, the students have investigated ice blocks and spaghetti – both cooked and uncooked.  Some interesting spaghetti artworks have been created and the students built some amazing spaghetti towers.


We hope the mothers enjoyed their handmade Mother's Day card and had a relaxing cup of tea.


Tammy Fraser, Gayle Kidd and Ruth Phillips

Year 1 Teachers


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