Year 1 Update

It has been an exciting beginning to Term 4 with Year 1 enjoying warmer weather, looking forward to new and engaging topics, and preparing for end of year events.


In English, they are exploring and comparing digital and printed story books, writing entertaining and adventurous narratives, and presenting interesting speeches.


In Mathematics, they have learnt to make groups, share objects and solve problems in Multiplication and Division, as well as explore and design three dimensional solids.


Our Science and Geography topics for this term include ‘Up Down And All Around’ and ‘The Weather’, where they have taken photos of the school environment and are observing how and what changes these places over time.  They have also made a mini garden and are loving researching about the seasons.  Each day they are measuring and recording the temperature with thermometers, rainfall and wind speed, to evaluate the climate in Penrith compared to other places in Australia.


In Art, they are using their understanding and a range of resources to create a ‘Four Seasons’ poster and ‘Seasonal Trees’ collage. 


They are enjoying these tasks and we will be sure to see some very interesting compositions.


Tammy Fraser, Gayle Kidd and Josh Kew

Year 1 Teachers


Year 5 Science Workshop
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