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Year 1 Past and Present

What a fantastic afternoon was had by the staff, students, families and friends of the PCS Year 1 classes.


Last Thursday, the Year 1 classes hosted a Past and Present History Afternoon. The afternoon was birthed out of the Christian perspective that God created people to live together and find support within a family unit. Parents are entrusted with the responsibility of raising children in a Godly way. Children are to honour and obey their parents. (Psalm 68:6)


With this focus, we wanted the students to demonstrate skills of historical enquiry and communication, and to understand that there is much change in family life. It was a pleasure to see the sheer intrigue on the children’s faces when they saw a typewriter and were amazed at the action of the levers coming up and down.


They thought anyone with grey hair was ancient; and, they were enthralled as they played olden day games that didn’t involve any ICT technology, good old fashioned hopscotch, elastics, egg and spoon, hula hooping, etc. The rich discussions as grandparents and parents informed the children how their dolls and toys were made, from wood not plastic, and looking at old photos of how people dressed and presented themselves.


A big thank you to our staff and a very big thank you to the parents and friends who were able to come and share their expertise and keep the children amazed at the stories of how it used to be compared to now. We look forward to seeing you all again as we continue to partner together in the nurture and care of our students


Mrs Melanie Woods

Head of Junior School


Year 2 Scientific Minds
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