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Year 1 loves Literacy and History

Year 1 enjoyed starting their History studies of 'Past and Present Family History' with a History Mystery. Students were given a historical object and in pairs discussed what they thought it was, what it was made of and how old the artefact was. We had some very interesting suggestions and creative ideas from the Year 1 students. We have also enjoyed sharing photos of our families and discussing how families are different and the same. The students are also looking forward to our Fantastic Family History afternoon in Week 5 where parents and family members will join us for an afternoon of investigating changes in toys, activities and homes over time and enjoy some old fashioned games.


We have also started the year well with a range of literacy-based activities. We are learning about 'What’s in a Picture', enjoying a range of books including 'The Chimpanzees from Happytown' and 'Postcards from Crabby Spit'. We are finding out that pictures contain interesting details that may not be in the writing of a book and that we can learn about a character's feelings from pictures. ‘SpotWhat’, ‘Where’s Wally’ and other find-a books are extremely popular for quiet reading time too. Students are also using pictures to sequence stories and engage in writing tasks.


We have been writing Recounts about real life events that have happened to us, both recently and in the past. Students are learning to write about the 4 W’s – when, where, who and what – in greater detail to enhance their writing. We wrote some very interesting postcards about our holidays and recounts about our weekend and first week at school. Later in the term, we will be writing Information Reports.


Tammy Fraser, Gayle Kidd and Joshua Kew

Year 1 Teachers


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