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Year 1 Loves Literacy

Year 1 has started the year well with a range of literacy-based learning activities.


We are learning about ‘What’s in a Picture?’ in Literacy lessons, enjoying a range of books including The Chimpanzees from Happytown and Postcards from Crabby Spit.


We are finding out that pictures contain interesting details that may not be in the writing in a book. SpotWhat, Where’s Wally and other find-a books are extremely popular for quiet reading time too. Students are also using pictures to sequence stories and engage in writing tasks.


Guided Reading groups commenced this week, and students are engaged in building their reading and spelling skills in their group activities.


Class 1P was excited to have a special visit in Week 2 from the ‘3P Learning Literacy’ team who read some brand new readers for K-2 to the class. These were written by some new authors, including our own Mrs Phillips. The students gave some excellent feedback on what they enjoyed in the stories, and were very interested in the characters of ‘Hiss the Snake’, and the aliens – ‘Munch, Chomp and Chew’.


We have been writing recounts about real life events that have happened to us, both recently and in the past. Students are learning to write about the 4 Ws – when, where, who and what in greater detail to enhance their writing. We wrote some great postcards about our holidays, and recounts about our weekend and first week at school. Later in the term we will be writing information reports.


Year 1 LOVES Literacy!


Mr Huxley, Mrs Kidd and Mrs Phillips

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