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Year 1 Investigators

We are well and truly underway with our Term 3 program and the children are firing on all cylinders as they immerse themselves in the exciting learning tasks that are happening within the classrooms. 


The teachers have been impressed with the improvement in knowledge, skills and attitudes that the students have developed when working both independently and collaboratively.


In English, Year 1 have been exploring environmental literature from authors like Jeannie Baker and Graeme Base and have enjoyed recreating these stories through drama, designing recycling posters and writing persuasive texts.


Our Science topic for this term is called “Look! Listen!” and the children have been investigating the sources of light and sound, how they are produced and how they travel. The students have explored light and sound near and far around the school, and have found several areas where they are located. They have also spent some time in the classroom after our outdoor expeditions classifying and sorting what they have seen and heard. The children have used their voices, balloons, tambourines, water, guitars and coat hangers to see how vibrations can cause sound. They have also used a variety of materials, torches and shoeboxes to explore how light travels. The children will have the opportunity to explore, research and share items that they have at home that produce light and sound and present these to their classmates.


In Mathematics this term, the students have been diligently applying themselves to hands-on activities, cooperative group work, digital technologies and developing a variety of strategies and problem solving skills when working on their learning tasks.


Students have also thoroughly enjoyed Information Technology, programming in Hour of Code using iPads and mini robots as well as designing and performing shadow puppet plays.


Tammy Fraser, Josh Kew and Gayle Kidd

Year 1 Teachers


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