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Year 1 Investigators

Term 3 has started and the children are firing on all cylinders as they immerse themselves in the learning tasks that are happening within the classrooms. The teachers have been impressed with the improvement in knowledge and skills that the students have developed when working collaboratively.


Our Science topic for this term is called 'Look! Listen!' and the children will be investigating the sources of light and sound, how they are produced, and how light and sound travel. The students have explored sounds around the school and located several areas with near and far sounds. They have also spent some time in the classroom after our sounds expedition classifying and sorting the sounds we heard. The children will use guitars to see how vibrations can cause sound and will feel the vibrations in their throat as they speak. Over the coming weeks the children will have the opportunity to share items that they have at home that produce light or sound with their classmates.


The students have been diligently applying themselves to the hands-on learning tasks that have been provided in Mathematics. This term the students have been developing their problem solving skills when working on a variety of addition and subtraction problems. Over the next few weeks we will be investigating area and volume in measurement as well as position skills and concepts. 


We have also begun another new unit in Science called Information Technology, which encourages students in their knowledge, skills, and values when learning about components that make up digital systems, data and how it is stored and represented and how we can record instructions for others to follow and understand. Students have already been involved in the program Hour of Code using laptops, iPads and mini robots. 


Tammy Fraser, Gayle Kidd and Ruth Phillips

Year 1 Teachers


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