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Year 1 Geography – Features of Places

This semester, Year 1 has been exploring 'Features of Places' in Geography lessons. We learnt about natural, constructed and managed features, researching different types of places and what they contained.


We had a Field Trip to our local Jamison Park to identify features of the park and how it is used by people in our local area. The students were able to develop their mapping skills and used iPads to photograph particular features of the park. They identified natural features like trees, grass and rocks as well as constructed features such as play equipment, picnic tables, netball courts and solar lights. Features such as soccer and cricket fields are considered managed features. We discussed how our local council is responsible for looking after the main features of the park, but we are all responsible for keeping it clean, tidy and nice to use.


Our excursion to Bicentennial Park at Homebush was also a highlight of this unit. We visited the Education Centre and saw some interesting animals, including Garrigan the blue tongue lizard. Students were engaged with their outdoor learning space, the Mangrove Classroom, and learnt about how mangroves are a special feature of the park. We walked the mangrove boardwalk and visited a dry forest, investigating the animals, plants and non-living features that could be found. We also got to dip for mini-beasts in the swamp water, identifying sea snails, blood worms, diving beetles and backswimmers.


This term we are focusing our learning on how weather can affect places, and indeed can be a feature of particular places. We have learnt how to use thermometers to measure temperature and will investigate temperature variations and weather types in various places in Australia.


What a lot of fun learning about Features of Places!


Tammy Fraser, Gayle Kidd, Ruth Phillips

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