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Year 1 Bicentennial Park Excursion

Year 1 had the opportunity to visit Bicentennial Park in Homebush Bay as part of our Year 1 Geography Unit. 


The students participated in a number of workshops which focused on some of the features of the Park. The students met two of the animals that are quite common in the area and enjoyed learning about the blue tongue lizard and the long neck turtle.


One workshop involved the students walking through the mangroves on the boardwalk. The children learnt that mangroves are the only plant that can survive in salt water because the roots filter out the salt and only allow the water through. The children examined mangrove snails and were able to see a number of mangrove plants in various stages of development.


The children also had the opportunity to explore a dry forest. They worked collaboratively to collect a variety of different items and were able to share what they found with the class afterwards. One class even found a blue tongue lizard.


The final workshop allowed students to examine some water samples from a freshwater pond. The children sorted the creatures into different categories and were able to use magnifying glasses to assist with identifying them. The children learnt that a pond’s health can be measured by the number of creatures that are living in it.


Both Year 1 classes and the teachers would like to say a massive thank you to the parents who assisted on the excursion. What a great learning experience!!


Mrs Ruth Phillips and Mr Stephen Huxley
Year 1 Teachers


Carnivorous Plant Bog Garden
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