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Writing in Kindergarten

Kindergarten are fantastic writers. They have progressed from having their ideas written down by the teacher to writing whole sentences in the short space of three terms.


We began the year with simple recounts and have continued to write each Monday about things they do on the weekend. Most children began by writing lines for each word, then progressed to adding the starting sound for the words and have now progressed to sounding out whole words. It has been wonderful to see the children learning basic sight words and applying them to their writing.


Narrative writing was a highlight last term and the children wrote some great stories. They began by planning their story with pictures and then writing details about characters, settings, the problem and a solution. Many of the stories featured animals rescuing each other. We were thrilled to read about animals helping their friends out of tall jungle trees and skillful application of bandaids on injured animals.


This term we have enjoyed researching frogs and writing information reports. We started by developing word banks containing words and phrases describing all they knew about frogs. We moved onto writing sentences describing frog behaviours and finally wrote about the life cycle of frogs, which included wonderful diagrams to accompany their writing.

The icing on the cake this term was procedure writing. Kindergarten were excited to learn that recipes are procedures. We discussed the need to list all of the materials required first, then list the steps needed to make certain foods. We spent a lot of time learning about verbs; action words that start each of our procedural statements.


One of our favourite topics was ‘How to make Fairy Bread’. To assist the accurate recall of the steps in that recipe, we made and ate Fairy Bread. It was amazing to see the writing the children produced, even after sampling the sugary treat!


Mrs Jenny Allen, Miss Janice Ballardin, Mrs Jenny Mahoney

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