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Writing and Science in Year 1

This term, Year 1 have been writing Procedures - instructions for how to do something.  They have learnt how to make jelly, do leaf and coin rubbings, make funny faces with biscuits and lollies, make a healthy breakfast, and record the steps when brushing their teeth. They particularly enjoyed the tasting of their recipes and creative designs.


The students have also thoroughly enjoyed our Science topic ‘Spot the difference.’  They have been learning about the changes that take place with food when it is heated or cooled.  We have also been exploring how materials can be manipulated and turned into different shapes and structures, as well as whether or not they can be changed back into their original state. We have investigated ice blocks, spaghetti, toast, chocolate and popcorn, as well as enjoy fun scrunching, stretching and bending activities.  They also made interesting food artworks including cooked spaghetti pictures, uncooked spaghetti marshmallow towers and fruit and vegetable prints. 


A big thank you also goes to our Year 1 parents, caregivers, and families who supported us and their children through online learning. 


Many blessings!


Tammy Fraser, Joshua Kew and Gayle Kidd

Year 1 Teachers


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