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Word Mania - Round One First Place for Year 7

Our Year 7 students have been performing brilliantly in this year’s Word Mania and achieved First Place in the Sydney West Region on the first round of competition, which ran until Friday 16 August.


We are in first place in Round 2 at the moment, and in order for us to qualify to play in the Australia and NZ wide (Oceania) finals, we need to maintain our first place position.


We are currently eleventh on the National Leaderboard; however, these scores are a culmination of the Practice Round, Round 1 and Round 2. The leaderboard is then wiped clean for the finals.


Word Mania is run by LiteracyPlanet, an award-winning online education resource dedicated to improving English literacy in students. 


Word Mania is a word-building competition for schools in Australia and New Zealand. It’s based on one of Literacy Planet’s most popular exercises and any student from Year 1 to 9 can take part!


Word Mania is a word-building challenge that’s easy to play but tough to master. Race against the clock to build as many words as you can from 15 letters in just three minutes, and help your school reach the top of the leaderboards!


How does it help?

Word Mania isn’t just a fun game! It’s proven to develop key literacy skills including spelling and vocabulary. 


Word Mania has been shown to improve the literacy skills of students taking part in the competition. Average game scores have been shown to increase by 36% and the average number of correct words per game have been shown to increase by 20%!


The final round is held from Wednesday 28 August to Friday 30 August for the top performing schools.


Well done Year 7 Word Mania Team.


Danneelle Heyne

Middle School Core Teacher and English


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