Winners are Grinners! F1 in Schools 2019 World Finals results

What an amazing week our F1 in Schools World Finals team have had! Team Ascension performed at a high level across all aspects of the competition. Towards the end of the competition, their car improved its fastest time from 1.075 to 1.048. They also found out that they were one of only 4 or 5 teams (55 teams in total) that had zero penalties on the two race cars. An incredible result by our Engineers.


On the last day of competition going into the finals, Ascension was ranked 6th. This was an outstanding achievement with 55 teams competing. Unfortunately, they were knocked out by 0.009. Brock and Caleb had the privilege of spending time with representatives of the Williams Racing Team.


Our F1 in Schools Ascension journey culminated in a nail biting awards ceremony held at Turn 1 on the F1 Grand Prix track at Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi. Prior to the ceremony, all 55 teams, their supporters and the judges and officials did a lap around the circuit in 15 coaches!


The most extraordinary news of the evening was Ascension being awarded the Best Engineered Car Award, sponsored by the Williams Racing Team. In addition, the Team were:

  • Runners up for the Scrutineering Award

  • 5th overall out of 55 teams


But wait, there’s more! PCS students Brock Stinson and Caleb Kraus were both accepted into the Unilever Williams Racing Team Academy! This honour was only given to ten talented students who will now be part of an emerging niche group of students who will be the future engineers in the Williams Racing Team. CLICK HERE to read the official statement from Williams Racing.


As Mrs Tracey Deal, Principal, stated: "This is an incredible achievement to have two of our students accepted into the Unilever Williams Racing Team Academy. To make it to the World Finals was outstanding. And to come away with such prestigious awards and a 5th place overall, has rewarded the commitment, dedication and skill of these students and their most amazing teacher, Mr Martin Bishop. Congratulations - you have made us so proud!”


CLICK HERE to see the F1 in Schools World Finals Awards Ceremony.  From about 48 mins you can watch the Team receive their award for Best Engineered Car. Then keep watching to see the big announcement for Caleb and Brock, as they receive their positions in the Unilever Williams Racing Team Academy (they won this in a concurrent competition while they were there). And at about 1:08 you will see the Team on the stage again as runners up for the Scrutineering Award.


What a wonderful achievement!!! Congratulations to Mr Martin Bishop and the whole team for their hard work and dedication to get to the World Finals and perform at such a high level. 

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UPDATE: F1 in Schools at the World Finals

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