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What are you reading?

I was recently told some exciting news by Mrs Garratt about the incredible rise in the reading ability of one of the Year 4 students. Jack, who I’m told loves reading and spends a good deal of time every day doing so, has starting to reap the life-long benefits of his choice of recreation. Well done Jack!!


The benefits of reading are widely recognised, however, I thought that I would share with you an image that highlights many of the rewards that come from reading for pleasure.


As a librarian, yes it is true that I enjoy reading, but this has not always been the case. It is easy to allow distractions to rob you of the joys of reading. I used to also fall into the trap of thinking that I must finish a book if I start it. Sometimes the book that you choose isn’t that interesting to you. But, it is always worth trying again.


So, my question is simple, what are you reading? If your answer is, 'Nothing!', I encourage you to ‘audition a book’ and see what stories are within and where they may transport you.


Also, start a conversation with those around you, find out what they’re reading. You might find something new that you like.


Included with this article is a display that I have put up in the foyer of the iCentre. These are some of my recent reads. I highly recommend all of them. Why? Because they all took me on a great adventure. Ask me about them some time.


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