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Welcome to big school!

It has been a wonderful start to formal schooling for our Kindergarten students.


So many ‘news’ for our youngest students. New teachers, new classrooms, new uniforms, new shoes, new routines, new learning opportunities and new friendship. Sometimes ‘new’ can be challenging and scary, but judging from the smiles and chatter from the Kindergarten children, most of these ‘news’ have been exciting and joyful.


The children love starting the day with our daily Devotions, hearing God’s Word, singing songs of praise and worship, and praying for our family, friends and school.


Attending library in the iCentre, doing PE in the Sports Centre, playing in the COLA at recess and lunch, going to Chapel in the Auditorium and learning in our classrooms have been some of the highlights of their first two weeks.


When asked what they like most about being in Kindergarten some of the responses were:

  • ‘I like playing with my friends.’ Lily

  • ‘I like listening to stories with Beatrix the Butterfly.’ Emerson

  • ‘Sport is fun.’ Xander

  • ‘I like learning new things, like art.’ Rosalie

  • ‘I like making new friends.’ Christian

  • ‘I like earning Dojo points.’ Daisy

  • ‘I like painting and arting. It’s great.’ Noah W

  • ‘I love playing in the COLA and eating.’ Sienna

  • ‘I love holding the hermit crabs and them nipping me.’ Spencer


Ms Jenny Allen, Mrs Alison Bennett, Mrs Evie Burry

Kindergarten Teachers


Introducing: Mrs Sam Dawkins
iCentre News - Feb 2018