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We crunched it!

On Thursday 5 March at 10.00 am, our School participated in The Big Vegie Crunch as part of Vegetable Week.


Thank you for packing vegetables for your child/ren to crunch for the event. 


We joined 213 other schools across NSW in a ‘salad’ effort to break the record for the most children eating vegetables simultaneously.


There were 30,524 students who crunched together and a further 11,876 students crunched over Vegetable Week. Although that was an awful lot of vegetable eating, it wasn’t quite enough to break the 2018 and 2019 records. So ‘lettuce’ keep practising and try again next year.


Need ideas to help your family eat more vegies? Then check out the UP THE VEG at home resource.


Kirsten Hanson

Vegetable Week School Coordinator


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