At the beginning of Term 2, as part of the School Sport program, select students from Years 7 and 8 signed up to play Volleyball. A keen passion for the sport quickly came to light with enthusiastic participation and a competitive spirit defining our sessions.


More recently, the students have been blessed with the opportunity to receive external coaching in this sport across four weeks of the term. Coach Ella, from the University of Western Sydney, has visited the school and spent time investing in the sportsmanship and skills of the students, and it has been exciting to see exponential growth in confidence, and development of competency in this sport.


The coaching sessions have particularly targeted effective technique used in the game including serving, setting, and spiking, and have incorporated drills and competitive games for students to put into practice what they have learnt.


We are looking forward to continuing this training journey in order to put our best game forward!


Caroline Bartlett

PDHPE Teacher


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