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Visitors from Japan in our classes

On Tuesday last week, we hosted 96 students from Tomeikan High School in Kyuushuu, Japan.


It was the first time such a large group visited PCS, and our students and teachers did a great job of making our Japanese guests feel welcome.


The day started with an Aussie Morning Tea with Year 7; then they were shared out in Junior School and Year 6 classes. All the students thoroughly enjoyed their time with us, and the teachers and staff accompanying them were all very appreciative of how well behaved and accommodating our students were.


Our Japanese visitors also had a taste of Aussie sports on the most humid day of the year. It was a great day!


Ms Allen said, ‘I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it was having the Japanese students visit my class. The Kindergarten Alligators had a great time making paper aeroplanes, origami creations, string games and spinning tops. Thank you for organising such a special time for our students.’.


Thank you to all staff and students involved in making this a memorable experience for our visitors.




Mr Mark Gee

Director of Missions


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