Uganda Missions Trip January 2020

Our visit to Divine Junior School Uganda was an amazing, successful trip. Our Uganda team was comprised of Richard and Jenny Mahoney, Cait and Hamish Burke, Peta and Elsie Wilson, Belinda and Megan Garratt, Christalle Champion and Jake Richards.       


Thank you for your support through prayer and giving to Coins for Missions in 2019. Divine Junior School students, families and teachers send you their love and greetings. They were so touched by the generosity of Penrith Christian School who have helped bless and improve their school dramatically.


Our team was joyfully welcomed by Divine Junior School community and it was a delight to meet face to face after partnering with the school since 2017. I am extremely proud of our PCS team of students, parents and teachers who represented our school in an exceptional manner, serving willingly, helping and teaching wholeheartedly in the school community.


Our itinerary included visiting and serving at Divine Junior School, teaching the children Bible lessons using the brand new technology we provided, visiting some homes where the students live, joining a local village church and much, much more. 


An exciting aspect of our itinerary was doing a Gospel Outreach day in the local school community. Over 600 children attended, some of these children walked for over an hour. Over 100 children responded to the gospel and became Christians. The day was filled with games, worship, activities and stories. There was even a giant jumping castle, and over 600 children were served a beautiful lunch of rice and beans. Our canteen line is very short compared to the lunch queue on that particular Saturday.


Later in the term, we will have a Missions Chapel where you can learn more about the trip and our partner school in Uganda. This may be an adventure that you would like to be a part of in the coming years when we return for our second visit.


Belinda Garratt
Year 4 Teacher, Junior School Leader of Missions



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