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Uganda Missions Trip 2020: Team Announcement

We are very excited to introduce our Uganda Missions Team who will be visiting and serving at Divine Junior School in January 2020:  Richard and Jenny Mahoney, Cait and Hamish Burke, Peta and Elsie Wilson, Belinda and Megan Garratt, Christalle Champion and Jake Richards. This is a marvellous mix of teachers, parents and Middle School Students.


This our third year of partnering with Divine Junior School, Uganda Africa. Through Junior Missions we have exchanged letters with their students, fundraised annually through ‘Coins for Missions’ and now we have an exciting opportunity to go and visit. While visiting the school we will be helping in practical ways like painting and decorating the perimeter wall of the school. This is an exciting opportunity to experience another culture first hand, displaying God’s love and serving side by side with Divine Junior School students and teachers.



  • Missions – to serve and support our sister school, and further develop a heart for others

  • Cultural Exchange – to learn about life in Uganda and to share our own lives



Divine Junior School has 160 students ranging from 4 – 12 years of age. For the past three years, Junior Missions students have given up some of their play time to write a letter to a friend their own age from Divine Junior School.



In Term 3, Junior School have their annual ‘Coins for Missions’ fundraiser. Children are encouraged to do extra jobs at home and bring in the coins they earn to support our sister school, Divine Junior School. Through the generosity of the students we have been able to provide Divine Junior School with much needed resources, including; student Bibles, teacher training, a much needed water tank and a photocopier. This year, we are hoping to raise enough money to provide the school with some of the following needed items.

  • Paint equipment for repainting parts of the school

  • Kindergarten play equipment, readers, puzzles and educational games

  • Keyboard for worship

  • Library books

  • New or second hand laptop computers

  • candle making moulds

  • Soccer and Netball kits/jerseys.


Some of these may also come in through generous donations from local businesses.


Interesting Facts about Uganda

  • 80% of Ugandans are Christians

  • Bicycles are the main type of transportation in the towns

  • Luwombo - A traditional dish from Uganda, in which a stew of chicken, beef, mushrooms or fish is steamed in banana leaves.

  • English and Swahili are the official languages of Uganda. (Luganda is also a common local language)

  • For every tree you cut down in Uganda, you plant three more




Mrs Belinda Garratt

Year 4 Teacher, Junior School Leader of Missions


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