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Uganda Missions Trip 2020

This our third year of partnering with Divine Junior School, Uganda Africa. Through Junior Missions we have exchanged letters with their students, fundraised through Coins for Missions and now we have an exciting opportunity to go and visit.


This would be a unique Missions trip at PCS in that it is for a parent and child to attend.  This opportunity is open to Middle School students and to Year 4 students (who will be in Middle School in 2020).



  • Missions – to serve and support our sister school, and further develop a heart for others
  • Cultural Exchange – to learn about life in Uganda and to share our own lives



The proposed staff joining this trip will be: Belinda Garratt, Junior School Leader of Missions; Jenny Mahoney, Head of Spiritual Development & Curriculum Continuity E-12, and her husband and PCS Lab Technician, Richard Mahoney.



We currently have 8 applications, including students, parents and teachers. Application forms are still available via email or in person through Daniel Favretti or Belinda Garratt.



An information evening for parents/students will be held next Term on Thursday 9 May from 7pm – 8 pm in the iCentre. Please attend if you have or haven’t completed an application form. Topics include: Trip/Culture Preparation, Fundraising, Teacher experience in Uganda & other countries, Divine Junior School information, detailed trip itinerary and question time.



It is proposed that we would have five to seven days serving in Divine Junior School, have two rest days, and one supervised sightseeing day, a total of 10-12 days including travel time.


Yours in His service


Belinda Garratt

Junior School Leader of Missions

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