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The Big Vegie Crunch 2020 - Coming Soon!

On Thursday 5 March at 10.00 am our Junior School and Middle School will be joining hundreds of schools across NSW to break the record for the most students crunching vegetables simultaneously.


But we need your help to make it a success!


On Thursday 5 March, please pack your child a container of vegetables (not fruit this time) for them to crunch on.


Need some ideas?

  • carrot, celery, cucumber – cut into sticks or left whole

  • capsicum – cut into sticks or wedges

  • corn – raw baby corn spears or a cooked corn cob

  • broccoli or cauliflower florets - raw or lightly cooked to keep their crunch

  • tomatoes – small cherry tomatoes or a large tomato that can be eaten like an apple

  • beans or snow peas - raw or lightly cooked to keep their crunch

  • mushrooms – sliced or left whole


If you require more information on The Big Vegie Crunch, please contact Mrs Kirsten Hanson, Vegetable Week School Coordinator.


Kirsten Hanson

Vegetable Week School Coordinator

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