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The Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge

The Bebras Challenge is an initiative run by CSIRO with the goal of promoting computational thinking within students. During Week 6, with an impressive cohort of over 50 students from Years 3-6, our students attempted a series of questions which required them to be able to break problems down into smaller parts, recognise patterns, identify the key elements within a data set, simulate processes and evaluate solutions which were then applied to a new situation. In other words, it was quite a challenge.


Shuchi Grover from EdSurge (https://www.edsurge.com/news/2018-02-25-the-5th-c-of-21st-century-skills-try-computational-thinking-not-coding) in regard to computational thinking states:

There is growing recognition in the education systems around the globe that being able to problem-solve computationally—that is, to think logically and algorithmically, and use computational tools for creating artefacts including models and data visualisations—is rapidly becoming a prerequisite competency for all fields.


I was most encouraged with the number of students willing to challenge themselves, and engage in developing their 21st Century Skills, with all students receiving a Certificate of Participation. Congratulations on taking on the challenge.


Further to that, I would like to especially acknowledge the following students for their achievements:


Achieving a Certificate of Merit:

Cameron Wild (3D), Luca Rositano (3D), Stephanie Zhang-Kilgarriff (3D), Ivy Clarke (3W), Emmanuel Perry (3W), Mia Goodhart (4G), Ethan Scott (4G), Jake Kennedy (4W), Lachlan Wild (5H) and Caleb Baines (5H).


Achieving a Certificate of Credit:

Oliana Danyal (4G)


Achieving a Certificate of Distinction:

Zachary Jenner


For those who wish to challenge themselves more, you can access past questions by following this link https://www.bebras.edu.au/bebras365/


I look forward to an even greater number of students taking on the second 2019 challenge in August.


Below are some photos of our amazing computational thinkers.


Well done to all students.


Danial Ollis

Teacher Librarian, iCentre Manager


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