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Term 3 is a BIG term in the iCentre

There are (more) exciting times ahead again this term in the iCentre. On a creative front, Year 3 are continuing their excellent writing using Storybird. Over the course of the term, we will be beginning to download, print and bind these terrific stories once our editing is complete. Year 4 have just begun to use Storybird also which has been very exciting to see. My initial observations of their writing has been very encouraging. We have been talking about the amazing God-given gift that the imagination is, to which the students have been tapping into.


Term 3 also sees Book Week and the MASSIVE Book Day happening. I am most excited about all that this entails. Mrs Thompson over the years worked very hard to make this a wonderful experience for all students, a legacy to which the iCentre staff and myself are looking to continue. I will even be dressing up!! My first PCS Book Day will be one I’m sure to remember. Book Day is set for Wednesday 5 September, with the Book Fair running in the iCentre from Thursday 30 August through to Wednesday 5 September.


Term 3 also sees the conclusion of the Premier’s Reading Challenge. I have seen great enthusiasm among the Junior School students, which has been most exciting, to the point where students are commenting on my choice of story to be read to the class whenever it doesn’t possess the famous PRC red sticker. I congratulate all students on how well they have engaged in the PRC this year.


Whilst all of that will be happening, we continue to see lots of happy faces using the iCentre, be those at lunch times quietly reading or socialising with their friends, or when staff members bring their classes in to conduct research or search for reading materials. It’s never a boring day in the iCentre and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Mr Ollis

Teacher Librarian, iCentre Manager

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