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Technology & Creative Arts Showcase Success

On a warm Spring evening there was excitement in the air and lights started to sparkle while the tinkering of strings rang out. Chatter could be heard and mics called out, then the boxes and trays of goodies came with the mannequins and easels as the dusk sky fell.


The band started to play and the people made their way down to the annual TAS and CAPA PCS Showcase Evening. Skills galore, hours diligently spent, colours a-splash and planes flying, it was all happening at the Showcase Evening. The F1 team was there and the canapés filtered through as the people persuaded hydraulic arms and fancy dress masks at the PCS Showcase Evening. The dresses sparkled and the bands changed beat, while contemplating visitors studied the myriad of art that lined the walls of the annual PCS Showcase Evening.


Thank you to those who came, thank you to those who served and thank you, well done and a round of applause to all the very gifted students who displayed their work and efforts from across the year!!


Warm Regards,

Alisa Hayden
TAS Teacher


PCS Music Concert
Year 2 Science