Team Axion - F1 in Schools

Team AXION is preparing for the biggest STEM competition in the World. The past eight weeks in lockdown has been challenging for the students to navigate but the team mantra holds true, ‘Never give up’. 


In March, the team was awarded the No.1 Rank in the Junior Professional Class in Australia, and No. 2 Rank in the Professional Class in Australia.  Next year the team will represent Australia and compete against the best teams from all over the world.


This week, the team has been showcased in The Australian Newspaper Magazine titled 'The List - 100 Innovators 2021' in Australia. Featuring in the top 100 is F1 in Schools run by the REA.


On pages 46 and 47 you will find team AXION and the REA promoting F1 in Schools.



AXION team are five Year 10 students:

Jordan W. - Team Manager

Gaumitha J. - Analytical Supervisor

Emmanuel N. - Marketing Manager

Vaughan T. - Design & Graphics Engineer

Ella S. - Manufacturing Engineer


To support AXION you can follow the team on the following social media:

Instagram: or view their Web Page:

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