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Studies of Religion Class to Jewish Synagogue and Museum

Last week, twenty Year 11 and Year 12 students from Studies of Religion visited the Emanuel Synagogue and Jewish Museum to learn more about Judaism.


At the Synagogue, they were able to look at an old Torah scroll worth around $80,000, handwritten in Aramaic with ink on  parchment. They heard about Synagogue services and all the symbols of Judaism from Rabbi Sam.


At the Jewish Museum, Year 12 toured the holocaust section and were affected by the terrible war crimes against European Jews. Their question was “Why didn’t the world do something to stop it?” Year 11 were taken through the religious section and learnt about Shabbat, and the Jewish way of life.


We all heard from a holocaust survivor, a 92 year old lady who was 17 and living in Hungary when the Germans took everything away from her, and almost took her life. Her advice to us was to ‘study and learn because that’s the one thing they can’t take away from you. You can lose your wealth and your family, but you can’t lose what is in your mind’.


What a life message!


Lyn Jagger

Head of Senior School and Year 12 Wellbeing Mentor


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