Studies of Religion - Ancient Religions

Year 11 Studies of Religion students recently took on the challenge of presenting their assessments on Ancient Religions as characters from that time.


The effort they put into this was incredible. We all heard from a Mohawk Indian, a Viking Blacksmith, an Aztec female warrior, a Spartan King, a Greek Philosopher, a young Chinese Tao boy taking a pilgrimage with his teacher, a Japanese Shinto housewife, a Persian teacher of Zoroastrianism, a Roman Senator’s wife, Pandora from Greek Mythology, an Egyptian Prince, and a Germanic Pagan.


The students also brought props, performed ceremonies, told creation stories and told of how religion was a part of everyday life for each character. They learnt so much from each other and the presentations were filled with joy!

Lyn Jagger
Director of Learning & Curriculum 10-12


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