Student Representative Council 2021

This year we are pleased to launch a new initiative, the PCS ‘Student Representative Council’, known as the SRC.  The SRC in a school provides an opportunity to train leaders, gather student voices from each class, involve students in decision-making and service, and build school community.


Year 12 Leaders, Paige F and Ben A, have been involved since the outset; establishing the vision for the group, planning future meetings, and were supported in their decision to gather students from other Year groups. Paige and Ben also developed a very detailed application form which all interested students had to complete for the selection process. 


We received a large number of high quality submissions, indicating this initiative is one the students across the school are keen to be involved in and support. The successful applicants were voted in by their peers and it is our pleasure to introduce them:


3D - Alexis A

3V - Henry S

3W - Matilda J

4P - Thomas E

4W - Harper W

5B - MJ C

5G - Luca R

5H - Joehan M

6B - Skarlytte G

6D - Tate B

7PLLP - Kaitlyn A

7PPLC - Luca S

7PPLS - Chantelle L

8PLLP - Faith M

8PPLC - Ryan M

8PPLS - Isaac B

9PLLP - Mia S

9PPLC - Rory J

9PPLS - Nathan G

10PLLP - Jacob B

10PPLC - Ava M

10PPLS - Izabel S

11 - Elizabeth W

11 - Joy B


During recent assembly times, the students were officially ‘badged’ and they have had their first meeting, embarking on what will be a great opportunity to serve the school community and their peers together. The Primary aged representatives have been buddied up with an older representative student, to assist them with their new role.


It will be an exciting and challenging adventure for this inaugural SRC group as they work together for the benefit of the PCS community and ‘Strive for the Highest’, in the days ahead.




Jenny Mahoney

Head of Spiritual Development and Wellbeing


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