Strive for the Highest – our new School motto

As most of you are probably aware, last year our theme for 2020 was Strive for the Highest.


While we were able to embed some of the language and intended actions to support this theme, COVID-19 certainly prevented us from letting the theme truly shape everything we wanted it to.


However, in discussion with the Board about the opportunities that exist to see the integrity of a statement such as this really be reflected at PCS, I proposed that we adopt Strive for the Highest as our School motto.


Currently we have three Values on our crest – Truth, Integrity and Excellence. These values will of course remain a vital part of our School DNA; however, we will replace them on the crest with our new motto. Where this crest is used – on branding and uniform – we will begin to include Strive for the Highest instead of Truth, Integrity, Excellence. This will happen over time with respect to the uniform.


The opportunity now exists to truly live by and reflect this motto in everything we do at PCS. There can be different interpretations of this phrase, but all can represent the true intention. Of course as a Christian School, we believe that we should ‘do all for the glory of God’ (1 Corinthians 10:31).


Therefore, striving for the highest reflects our desire to make sure God is glorified in all that we do. Secondly, we believe that we, as individuals, should not settle for second best, or not use what God has given us, as far as gifts, skills and talents are concerned, to the very best we can. We should be striving for the highest out of gratitude. Thirdly, we believe that we have the collective opportunity as a community to be God honouring and true representations of God’s love, mercy and grace.


I am excited about how this simple, yet powerful phrase can be what drives us and motivates us as a Penrith Christian School community.


Yours in Christ


Tracey Deal


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