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Stories from Year 8 English: Lily Matagi

Students in 8E1 English were asked to re-tell a story that they had heard that explored culture, using their own narrative techniques.


Our next story was written by Lily Matagi about a tale she was told by her grandparents.


Mrs Joanna Tabone





When I was little my grandparents sang a song to me, that told of a story called The turtle and the shark.


Long ago lived a young couple on the island of Savaii. The woman’s name was Fonouea and the man’s name was long forgotten. They were very much committed to each other. One day the man was to be sent away unexpectedly, to fulfil a duty to King Malietoa. A duty of which he would never be able to return. His wife, Fonouea, decided to go with him and they travelled on a little canoe.


They never made it to King Malietoa. Instead, they fled to the island of Tutuila (America Samoa.) They both agreed to live for a few months with the high chief Tupua Tamasese of the island of Tutuila, he was very kind. A short time later, they felt as if they would no longer have any peace. The young couple feared that sooner or later, the secret of their disappearance would be revealed. Soon after they gave up their lives. They jumped off a cliff into the ocean. What they didn’t know, was a merciful god had pity on them and accepted the offer of their lives. The woman was changed into a turtle and the man into a shark, so they could live together eternally.


Lily Matagi, Year 8

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