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Stories from Year 8 English: Emily Wrona

Students in 8E1 English were asked to re-tell a story that they had heard, using their own narrative techniques. The class are studying the film Whale Rider this term, focusing on narrative techniques such as dialogue, descriptive writing, imagery and culture.


Over the next three e–PhoCuS editions, three of the stories will be published. This story was written by Emily Wrona about a story that she really likes. Read Emily's story below!


Mrs Tabone

English Teacher


Let me tell you a story. It begins at the School of Robotics in class 41. There is a funny little bloke. He is not normal like you and me because this is a school where animals go to. The bloke is Leonard the green chameleon. He goes to school with his best friend, Nibbles the mouse.


Normal kids go to school to learn. But these two are secret super heroes. Known as Chameleon Boy and his sidekick Super Mouse. Now we’re getting off the trail. It’s time we really begin the story.


It was another boring Friday. “We are really gonna be in trouble because last night we had to save that cat and we didn’t do our homework.” Said Nibbles. Leonard replied “It’s okay, I’m sure Dr Swine will attack any minute because you know him, he’s plain evil.”


When they got to the classroom all of the students were looking at the big TV. Nibbles politely asked one of the students what was going on. The student replied “You don’t know! Dr Swine is attacking the city again!” Leonard and Nibbles got into their super suits. Chameleon Boy has a blue and yellow striped suit with a belt that is equipped with your usual superhero stuff. You know, boomeranging night-vision goggles, laser control for your car and a packet of Tic Tacs (typical hero stuff). Super Mouse’s suit is white with a purple triangle where his neck is. He wears a pack that has useful gadgets. Super Mouse wears a purple mask. While Chameleon Boy wears a rainbow mask.


They ran all the way to Dr Swine’s headquarters, which happened, ironically, to be at the Mayor’s office. Dr Swine laughed and said, “Soon this planet will be mine and everyone from now on will worship me, me, ME”!!! At that moment Chameleon Boy and Super Mouse jumped in the window. Dr Swine yelled “Chameleon Boy and Super Mouse you won’t stop me”. Suddenly Chameleon Boy turned invisible (for that is his superpower) and tripped Dr Swine over. Super mouse heard the Mayor yelling from the basement (with his super charged hearing) and raced off to free her. Chameleon Boy used the cargo net launcher from his belt to tie the evil pig up.


Chameleon Boy gave Dr Swine to the police. “Thank you very much Chameleon Boy and Super Mouse”, they said. Super Mouse helped the Mayor to a comfy chair and made her a cup of tea with cheese and crackers. “We seem to have wrapped up everything here, we really need to be going now”, said Chameleon Boy. “Yeah, and I need to do my science homework”. They both laughed and ran all the way back to school.

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