STEM - F1 in Schools REA State Final Movie

F1 in Schools NSW State Final is currently being run virtually due to COVID-19. The REA (Reengineering Australia) have approached Penrith Christian School and Team AXION (Junior Professional) to participate in a one and half hour movie about this amazing STEM competition. The AXION team, Ella Stoodley, Vaughan Todd and Emmanuel Ndlovu (missing Jordan Whiley and Jake King) recorded last week in a studio setup by the REA. The film crew will visit the School this week to obtain some location shots of the team.


AXION’s goal is to make the Australian National Final in Melbourne next year so they can then have a chance at the World Finals in Singapore in 2021.


The link shows the final preparations underway for the virtual competition


Martin Bishop

Head of Innovation and Technology


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