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Shakespeare Workshop with Year 7 English

A few weeks ago, all of Year 7 English took part in a workshop exploring how we ‘see, hear, taste, smell and feel’ the world around us. This term we have been studying how Shakespeare used his writing to convey feelings to his audiences, so during the workshop it was over to the students to use their writing to convey their feelings.


Students tasted popping candy and grapefruits and wrote using different language techniques to describe what they were tasting, including; ‘Have you ever imagined you were a taste bud, small and hidden away, but one day you soar like fireworks? Well this is what it’s like tasting popping candy’.


Students also got to smell a variety of smells ranging from the delightful to the dreadful, then they wrote a dialogue between two characters describing one of the smells:


‘He’s not an ordinary sort of pet, is he?’ Questioned Adam.

‘Definitely not’, replied old Mr Rumble.

‘Well, I guess I could take him home on a lead, look after him just when you’re away, maybe even hide him under my bed…do you think?’ Adam cautiously asked again.

‘MMM, maybe you should come and meet him first…you see there is just one little problem’, Mr Rumble said as he opened the gate, ‘Arthur has a bit of a body odour problem.’

Adam didn’t have time to think it through, it hit him like a wave of disgust, he gulped for air, unsuccessfully, clasping his hand over his mouth like a gas mask.

‘Ohhh boy, Arthur is a giant pig…you didn’t really explain that Mr Rumble.’


We had a barrel of fun at the workshop, tasting, smelling, feeling, seeing and hearing inspiration that can help us improve our writing.


Mrs Joanna Tabone
Curriculum Coordinator Stage 4 / Middle School Teacher


Education Support Learning
PCS Alumni: Wesley Inglis