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Senior School Camp Week

Senior School had an amazing second week with students being encouraged, pushing past their fears, meeting challenges head on and enjoying the company of their peers during Camp and Seminar Week.  


Years 9 and 10: The boys went to Camp and experienced the great outdoors whilst the girls experienced an urban challenge in and around the City.


Here are some quotes from students for Camp Week:

  • Camp was fun and the view on Cockatoo Island was beautiful

  • Camp was great and our group worked well as a team, plus the food was awesome

  • I loved it because it was my first camp

  • Camp was exhausting but was really fun

  • I liked sleeping outside and looking at the stars

  • I really loved the night games we played on the last night.


Years 11 and 12 had a wonderful Seminar Week where they were encouraged and given tools to navigate the school year ahead. 


Year 11 students served in our community visiting and preparing a concert for the elderly at Governor Philip Manor, some packed starter kits at WestCare, and others baked and distributed cupcakes, for those in need, with Christ Mission Possible outreach in Mt Druitt.


These students came away with hearts opened and experiences they will forever remember. They finished the week canyoning and hiking in the Blue Mountains.


Our Year 12 students conquered the white waters and had a game of beach volleyball at Penrith Whitewater Stadium.  The week culminated with a day of encouraging messages from teachers, parents, family and friends as they prepare for their last year of school.

Here are some thoughts and quotes from Year 11 and Year 12 students:

  • We’re not in this alone

  • Never give up on your dreams

  • Everyone is there for you

  • Teamwork makes the dream work

  • When the going gets rough, keep holding on

  • Stick to your dreams, life is short

  • You need a paddle to steer a boat

  • An opportunity missed is an experience lost

  • Perception of others have changed

  • I loved canyoning because it was challenging.  I never thought I’d be going down a 30 m waterfall.  I had to trust the rope and the guide.


Mrs Lyn Jagger and Mr Mark Gee

Heads of Senior School


Year 1 Loves Literacy
Introducing: Mr Danial Ollis