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Senior School Camp & Seminar Week 2020

In Week 3, Year 12 experienced a wonderful mix of activities for their Seminar Week. On Tuesday they met at the Nepean Rowing Club for a day of career goal setting and study seminars. Elevate Education came out to talk about mastering their study skills and acing their exams. They drew up a five year dream plan and then set goals on how to achieve their dreams.


On Wednesday, they were back at the Rowing Club looking at growth mindset and training their brains to work for them. That night they had dinner together at Enzos and the menu was delicious and filling!


On Thursday, they took on the challenge of Whitewater Rafting. The morning was spent playing beach volleyball and then they boarded the boats for over an hour of rafting.


Friday was a mystery encouragement day where the teachers blessed the students, and were in turn blessed as well! Overwhelmingly the students said this was their favourite day.


At the same time, Year 10 students were enjoying five days of activities, as their Camp was cancelled due to the camp facilities being damaged by the recent storms. Below are what some of the students thought of their week:



‘Camp week was definitely different. However, I really enjoyed the camp week due to us doing other activities and not actually camping. The Zoo Day was definitely my favourite as I had a very fun time wandering around with my friends and looking at the animals. Learning about Aboriginal culture at the zoo was very insightful and interesting to listen about, and touching a possum skin was kind of weird but also very cool (it was unexpectedly soft).


I also enjoyed my time at Bilpin. Even though it was sad to see all the burnt land and how many of the buildings and surrounding land was black and ruined, the apple picking experience was quite enjoyable. The (non-alcoholic) apple cider was also so, so good!


Despite being very tired by the end of the week, I would definitely do a camp week like this again if we ever get the chance to again!’.



‘Camp was pretty radical.


Apart from Monday, Tuesday was probably the best day. We went to AMF where we did bowling, laser, and the arcade as well as finishing off the day with Cables, which by the way was awesome. Going to Bilpin too was pretty good and making the advertisement was lots of fun.  The zoo was good as well as Jamberoo. Overall, Camp was lots of fun.’



‘It was great to hang out with friends and have fun. Even though the original camp was cancelled, the 'Plan B' was amazing. My favourite excursions were to The Zoo and to Jamberoo. The one downside was the long bus trips each day.’


Lyn Jagger

Head of Senior School


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